Gift of Apostle
What does it really mean for one to be called an Apostle?
  • One who goes out to proclaim and govern
  • One who stewards and manages
  • One who establishes, appoints and ordains
  • One who receives prophetic revelation that is, the understanding of Biblical Mysteries
Biblical Mysteries
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What does this gift look like?
  • The Gift in the Apostle is one of governance and is therefore the first line of leadership in the Kingdom of Yahweh here on earth. Apostles have a mandate to govern through this gift that imparts divine revelation.
  • The word “Apostle” has two meanings, the broader meaning of a messenger and the narrow meaning of an early Apostle directly linked to Yeshua the Anointed One. The more general meaning of the word is translated into Latin as ‘missio’, and from this word we get ‘missionary.’
When is this gift functional or what time period is this gift available?
  • The Apostolic gift became active when Yeshua appointed the first apostles and will be available throughout the age of The Ecclesia (church age).
  • A time period totalling 2000 years
What is the purpose of the gift of the Apostles?
  • To go and proclaim the Kingdom and establish believers
  • To steward prophetic revelation on behalf of the Ecclesia
  • To disciple and raise up leaders
  • To appoint and anoint/ordain leadership
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Apostolic Leadership
  1. The Gift of the Apostle is the First-Line of Leadership for the Ecclesia (Holy Assembly/Community)
  2. The Gift of the Apostle and Prophet give a foundation for the building of the Living Temple
  3. The Ecclessia is Governed by Apostolic Prophetic Leadership with the full participation of all Ministry Gifts
  4. There is a need for every Local Congregation to relate to and be Governed by an Apostolic Prophetic Team
  5. An Apostolic Prophetic Team must include those who have the Apostolic & Prophetic Gifts along with the Teachers, Evangelists & Shepherds
  6. The establishing of Elders & Leadership Ordinations are carried out by an Apostle/s or by direct consultation with a relating  Apostolic Team
  7. Elders can raise and appoint Deacons in consultation with a relating Apostolic Team
What is an Apostolic Team?
What is a relating Apostolic team?
Who are Apostles Accountable to?